Addicted to nasal spray after frontal sinusitis

Mai 16, 2016 | Geen onderdeel van een categorie

Martin: I’m Martin, 46 years old, and I’ve been addicted to nasal spray containing xylometazoline for years after getting frontal sinusitis about ten years ago. I kept using xylmetazoline ever since. Initially, it worked very well, but as time went on I had to keep using more and more in order to keep my nose open. I started administering the spray once or twice a day, but started to become dependent. You start needing more and more as time goes by. Eventually, I went through two bottles a week.

I tried other nasal sprays, but they weren’t effective. So I kept going back to xylometazoline. Kicking the habit cold turkey wasn’t an option – it’s incredibly hard, especially at night, when you can’t sleep because of the withdrawal symptoms. I accepted that I would have to keep using xylometazoline for the rest of my life.

Until I encountered a lot of positive stories about Capsinol online, that is. People with problems similar to mine, who had gotten rid of that harmful and addictive xylometazoline thanks to Capsinol.

I had my doubts, but I eventually decide to order a bottle of Capsinol. My expectations weren’t very high; I had already tried so many things already that didn’t work, and I didn’t expect this to help either. But I was completely wrong. Ever since I first used Capsinol, I haven’t used any xylometazoline anymore. That’s around 6 months ago today.

In the beginning, I had to use Capsinol very frequently in order to decongest my nose. One bottle barely lasted me two weeks. But, contrary to xylometazoline, you only have to use less and less over time. Now I only use it in the morning when I get out of bed, and sometimes at night. The rest of the day, I can breathe freely.

Also, I don’t panic anymore when I don’t have any nasal spray with me. That used to be different.

Whether I can go without Capsinol in the future remains to be seen, but so far I’m very satisfied with this miraculous nasal spray and I would like to advise everyone to use Capsinol.