Addicted to xylometazoline after a cold

Juil 6, 2016 | Geen onderdeel van een categorie

Bianca: about ten years ago, I was suffering from a cold and bought a bottle of xylometazoline nasal spray. I could barely pronounce it. The sales person pointed to the package information leaflet and told me not to use it for more than eight days. I even told her I intended to be better after eight days and wouldn’t need it anymore by then.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get better and I bought another bottle. After a while, I had bottles of nasal spray everywhere. There was one on my night stand, one in my coat pocket, one in my bag. I didn’t leave the house without one. I used it every day for years. I even went to different drug stores and pharmacies each week in order to go unnoticed, but eventually the drug store clerk asked me whether I hadn’t gotten a bit addicted to it.

My doctor prescribed other nasal sprays in order to help me stop using xylometazoline – a name I could pronounce effortlessly by then. They didn’t help.

Two months ago, a friend told me about something she had seen on Facebook. ‘You have to read this,’ she told me. ‘You can really get rid of your nasal spray addiction’.
I was very skeptical, but decided that there was no harm in trying. I ordered a bottle of Capsinol, the mild formula.

I tried it immediately after it arrived, and the tears were in my eyes after the first squirts.

I decided to keep going and to try to get rid of my xylometazoline dependency. For three days, I used xylometazoline alongside Capsinol. After those three days, I continued using only Capsinol.

After one month, I also reduced my Capsinol use. Now, I go out without any nasal spray in my bag. I only have a bottle of Capsinol in my living room, which I use every two to three days. As soon as I feel like I need nasal spray, I pick up my bottle of Capsinol. Sometimes I still have tears in my eyes from the hot peppers, but I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to where I am now. I can honestly say that I have kicked my nasal spray addiction.

Thank you so much, Capsinol.

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