My experience with Capsinol nasal spray

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Lya: in the fall of 2013, I encountered Capsinol’s page on Facebook. After reading about the product and the experiences of users, I ordered two bottles: the mild formula to start with, and the original formula in case I could handle the pepper.

My Eustachian tubes don’t quite function as they should. They only open a little bit, making it harder for fluid to flow from my sinuses. When mucous is left behind, the tubes are blocked and cause sinus infection, pressure in my ears and a stuffy feeling in my head.
As I got older, my condition got worse. I was also a smoker for quite a few years, which also must have done some irreversible damage. I quit smoking in 2008, and I’ll never pick up a cigarette again. When I was young, people already remarked that my voice sounded nasal. I think that also must have had something to do with my Eustachian tubes.

About 35 years ago, a GP determined that something wasn’t quite right when I came to see him with a cold that had ‘turned inward’ and made me feel like my head was under pressure. He told me to steam three times a day. I didn’t do that, because I don’t like it. He also prescribed Otrivin, and told me to keep everything ‘open’. That’s when I started to use all kinds of nasal sprays, which I felt helped. Before my visit to the doctor, I was unware that these sprays even existed.

Luckily, I never got truly addicted to nasal spray. I did become a regular user, because my recurring sinus problems became more or less chronic. Apart from Otrivin, which I could only use for a short while because of the xylometazoline, I have also used Nasivin, Vicks Sinex, Rhinospray and Nasonex (prescribed by my doctor), as well as regular saline solutions. They all did something, but not enough in my opinion, because I had to spray too often. I kept looking for the real deal.

Then Capsinol came into my life. I was a bit fearful of the first squirt (of the mild formula), because the notion of spraying pepper in your nose did not seem all that pleasant. But it was alright, even though I did get tears in my eyes. The hot sensation gives you the feeling that Capsinol is effective immediately, but the important work is done in silence. When the hot sensation goes away after a few minutes, you notice that mucous and phlegm are loosening and move towards your throat. This immediately releases the sense of pressure in your head.
After a week, I was curious about the stronger, original formula. I could, by then, handle the pepper much better. I decided to stick to this formula. I did finish the bottle of mild formula, squirting a little bit in between.

When I started using Capsinol in the fall of 2013, I administered it three times a day, one squirt in each nostril. I took my time and kept breathing deeply. After about three days, my problems were gone for a while, and recurred about twice a month. Now, after more than two years, I need to use the spray once a month, on average. Administering it once or twice a day is generally enough. The pressure in my sinuses is gone after about a day. When I have a regular cold, it of course takes a bit longer, and then I use two to three squirts per nostril. But then my nose is also blocked, of course.

I will always have problems with my sinuses, because Eustachian tubes can’t fix themselves. And my ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) doctor doesn’t consider my condition severe enough for surgery. In retrospect, I’ve found a great help in Capsinol. I take a few squirts now and then, then stop using it without any withdrawal symptoms, all while experiencing that it really helps.

On Facebook, I do see some apprehensiveness about the price. Understandably so, I also doubted whether to spend the money or not, but my curiosity won. My thoughts about the price have since changed, because it’s a great product, a bottle contains 20 milliliter, it has a long shelf life, and it has helped with my problems, so a little goes a long way.

I would rate Capsinol a 10/10.

Lya Hartman

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