Non-allergic rhinitis; capsicum reliefs

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I cannot even remember when I first realized that I couldn’t possibly have a perpetual cold, and that the regular sneezes and runny nose that I had been experiencing for a long time might be symptoms of something else. At some point I was told that I must have an allergy and was prescribed antihistamines. But after taking a single pill I felt very dizzy and knew that this was not going to work for me.

My doctor suggested nasal glucocorticoids instead, though she was very reluctant: she advised to inhale it only when environmental conditions made my rhinitis worse, and then only for a few days. Besides, the effects of glucocorticoids were not immediate: I started to feel some relief only on the second or third day of usage. This did not seem like a real solution either, but things went on like this for years. During that time, friends that saw me carrying paper tissues everywhere, or that occasionally noticed my eyes red with irritation, often asked me why I was not taking antihistamines, since they seemed to work wonders on people with allergies.

Normally, I just turned down their suggestions. Then I started to think that there might be a reason why antihistamines were not working on me, and spoke with my doctor about taking an allergy test—how hadn’t I (or she, for that matter) thought of this before? Of course the test results showed that I did not have an allergy: I had non-allergic rhinitis. Even if this did not solve the problem, it prompted me to look for a solution in a different direction.

At that point it only took me a few Google searches to find out that there were some natural ways to treat my condition. This looked like a good option compared to glucocorticoids, which I was weary of using for a long time. In fact, I had sporadically tried natural nasal sprays before (containing eucalyptus and mint, or marine salt), though the effects were not impressive. Scanning through the results I discovered that capsicum (yes, the substance that is found in chilli peppers, crazy as it then sounded to me!) could alleviate the symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis, and I even found scientific papers that provided evidence of this.

That is how I came across the Capsinol website and almost immediately decided to place an order, considering also that the product had a very reasonable price. In only a few days I got the carefully packed spray in my mailbox and started to use it daily. So far it has worked quite well for me. Of course it does not cure rhinitis, it is not meant to, but it definitely alleviates its symptoms. And the sensation of relief is clearer and more immediate than with other nasal sprays.

I had read some reviews on the Capsinol website, and so I knew that the first times it burned a bit, but I quickly got used to it. What I have found so far is that spraying two times into each nostril is a bit too much for me, so I normally spray only once into each nostril, two or three times a day. If one day I forget to take it, my own body reminds me! I can breath better, and therefore I can focus on more interesting things than my nose. I am very glad that I bought Capsinol.

Marta (Barcelona)

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